Doug Robertson

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Recognize this face?

Then you've either been scammed or about to be! Beware doing business with this character!

My story;

Doug hired me as Lead guitarist for his band. He used me to deliver promo videos, a website (this one originally) Sound, tech etc. he even extracted money for gear and transportation. Pretended to be my "best friend" to scam me!

Last Saturday ( post 2nd gig), he fired me and one other. No notice, nothing in person, jut a messenger note, followed by his inept (and weeny) blocking (he forgot he had friended my wife on FB) .No explanation and according to Rick Lehman his "drummer" friend I'm not their priority to pay out… I’ve still not been paid and they ignore me / block me. In fact the reason this page exists is they still owe me for the site. They owe me money I invested, time wasted promoting them, doing most tech work including building and maintaining the website ( which I just replaced with this page. ). I wasted months of rehearsals ( a couple members didn’t practice at home as they expected to be carried ).

Beware booking them, they’re a bunch of untrustworthy shysters without moral integrity and I can pretty much guarantee the frontmen you hired will be gone by the time they play.... their promotional video is now falsely promoting 3 members who are no more!

Other Stories (originally publicly posted to my FB;

Angelle Deschamps Ritchie

"Yup, same thing happened to me and Michael Hayes and our other members just before this version of Rollercoaster. Almost to the letter. Brought all my gear, did gigs, promo...only to be ripped off. Thousands! And he has not a lick of actual talent, barely handle a 3 chord tune and forget about transposing (what's that). And yet the ATTITUDE!! I don't like to air dirty laundry on FB but Doug Robertson is a complete d-bag (who thinks he's a rock star-a legend in his own mind) and anyone who associates with him BEWARE! I pity that little POS. And if you choose to work with, or call him friend, I know everything I need to know about you, too. Sorry this happened to you. BTW whenever I gave him a mic, it was never plugged into the board! Haha"

Allan Perry

"Randy Yurko you were right. So were the other 10 people who warned me about Doug Robertson."

Michael Hayes

"All of us former members from last time got fucked by that little piece of shit Doug Robertson. Same deal drummer and I handled all promo website etc do setlists. Doug couldn't play his way out of wet paper bag. We are way better off without him Lowlife is all he is. Promised casinos festivals all the big stuff never came through on any of it. Only reason he got that festival in June in Marmora was because of my connection. He contacted all MY gigs I had booked trying to screw us out of gigs didn't pay us for last gig were all owed 200 each plus Angelle is out a ton of time and money into making baseball shirts for his young team and saw not a dime for that either. Stay clear of Doug Robertson"

Apparently Doug has a modus operandi and this scam has a history that dates back to the 80's! I may be posting some testimonials from others (why would you believe just me? ) who were similarly scammed over the years if this situation continues.... check back for updates....

Vendors beware, the band you hire won't be the band that performs. Doug apparently has an issue with paying his members and just rolls over his staff without paying them!